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[PN: HDR008CC] Sikky BMW E30 LSX 1 3/4" Swap Headers

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Sikky headers allow perfect drop-in fit in the BMW E30 with a Sikky LSX Swap Kit using a T-56 Transmission. The coating we use is a high performance aluminum ceramic coating.

  • BMW E30 LSX 1 7/8″ Primaries 3.5″ Collector, Mild Steel, Ceramic Coated Header
  • V-Band Flange Pre-Installed (clamp and other half included)
  • Includes New Gaskets and Bolts


The process in which each header is coated:

  • Each part is thermal degreased at 750 degrees for 3 hours to remove any impurities and contaminates. This is the most effective way to clean parts.
  • After thermal, each part goes through a series of blast, on all surfaces.
  • Once a surface profile is created, the entire part is hand sprayed with Aluminum Ceramic coating.
  • After the part is covered, it is put in the oven (60’ long) and cured at 750 degrees for 2 1/2 hours.
  • When curing is complete, each part is polished in a vibratory polisher. Using special Ceramic beads, a special soap and water, the part is burnished (polished) to a high luster.
  • After polish, it receives a wipe down and inspection before going to shipping.
  • 3 year warranty on coatings for corrosion, etc.

Recommended for drag/street use (making 600 WHP or more)

Required Components:

Sikky Steering Shaft Kit – Click Here for more information
Steering Shaft kit required for proper clearance with headers

Angled Spark Plug Wires (MSD is our in house “go to”)


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