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[PN: FPRO35-RSV-01] PTP Heat Reflective Sleeve Velcro (1" to 1.25" x 3')

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Adjustable diameter from 1in to 1.25in x 3 foot length.

PTP Heat Reflective Sleeve Velcro is designed for ease of installation when component disassembly isn't practical. Just wrap the preformed, split flexible tube around any component and seal the sides with the high temperature hook and loop velcro closure to provide protection from hot pipes and engine components.

The highly reflective aluminized exterior, combined with the insulating fiberglass interior, protects delicate wire bundles, cables and lines from damage caused by nearby exhaust pipes, headers or other heat generating components.

PTP Heat Reflective Sleeve can reduce the heat transmission from hot pipes or engine components into hoses or harnesses by up to 50% or more!

  • Heat Reflective Aluminum Laminated Fiberglass
  • Self Wrap and Seal Overlap with High Temperature Velcro
  • Reflects Radiant Heat
  • Resists Gasoline and Engine Chemicals
  • Cut and Abrasion Resistant
  • Cuts Cleanly with Scissors

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