[PN: A191540] Torco SD-5 Synthetic Diesel 15w40 (100% Synthetic)

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MPZ Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil is designed to conserve energy and resources by increasing fuel mileage and extending oil drains. It meets the performance requirements of most manufacturers of diesel engines, specifically in those engines operating on high sulfur fuels. The high alkaline reserve (TBN) effectively protects bearings and other engine surfaces from the corrosive effect of acids formed by the combustion of high sulfur fuels. MPZ Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil is a blend of specially selected synthetic based oils and additives designed for long drain performance in all recommended diesel engine applications. It contains special detergents and dispersants to keep sulfated ash to a minimum. MPZ Synthetic Diesel is also fortified with oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, high temperature anti-wear additives and foam inhibitors to protect vital engine parts during long drain service. 

Recommended for all EPA 2007 compliant engines using DPF after treatment device and ULSD fuel that specify CJ-4 / CI-4 plus / CI-4 / CH-4 / CG-4 / CF-4 /CF / SM, & European and OEM claims. 

Also meets ACEA E7, MB 228.3, Volvo VDS­4, Cummins CES 20081, Mack EO­O premium plus'07, Caterpillar ECF 3 & ECF1, DDC PGOS 93 K 218, MAN 3275, MTU Type II specification.
SD­5 is formulated using Torco's proprietary additive technology.
Not recommended for Electro Motive Diesel engines with silver bearings or marine diesel that require extra high TBN.


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