[PN: A130540] Torco SR-4 Synthetic Motor Oil 5w40

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Recommended especially for gasoline, LPG, and passenger car diesel engines in highway and off highway use. SR-4 is commonly used in 4, 6 and 8 cylinder racing engines and is turbo and supercharged approved. Recommended for old and new engines. SR-4 is formulated to Torco's proprietary additive technology. 
Meets and exceeds: API SN/SM/SL/CF and ACEA C3-12, MB 229.51/229.31/226.5, VW 505.00/502.00, BMW Long Life – 04, Renault RN0710/0700, Porsche A40


Torco SR-4 Catalytic Converter Safe 100% Synthetic Motor Oil is designed for severe operating conditions. SR-4 offers a high level of performance and protection for high performance engines utilizing gasoline, diesel and LPG. Also recommended for other alternative fuel passenger vehicle engines. SR-4 utilizes a PAO and Ester base oil system that offers extreme temperature lubrication and thermal stable technology. This combination of base oil chemistry and Torco's exclusive MPZ® Generation 2 additive system minimizes frictional losses resulting in more horsepower and torque output. SR-4 contains additional antioxidants and lubricity agents to eliminate dryness produced by E85, LPG and other alternative fuels. SR-4 also provides a high TBN to neutralize acids produced by diesel fuels that contain high levels of sulfur.


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